AMR System (Automated Meter Reading System)

System for automatic reading and controll of power, water and  gas meters. Communictaion with meters is performed by PLC (power line communication) which means that for installation doesnt require any additional wiring.





Time Attendance System


The solution for Time Attendance System consists of:

  • System for design and printing of the smart cards for employees,

  • Time attendance system consisting of terminals for registration of the employees access and attendance including biometric data scanning and checking,

  • Access control system,

  • Surveying system consisting of Digital IP Cameras and Digital video recorders,

  • Interface with systems of Human resources and Payroll.

We are offering solutions that can be easily and quickly implemented with low cost.

For the moment we offer two systems TA 1 and TA -2.

TA 1 is suitable for companies with 5 500 employees,

TA 2 is suitable for companies with more than 500 employees.


System works both on LAN and/or WAN, depending on the clients requests.



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